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Indii Flavours is geared to deliver authentic Indian flavours and provides a dining experience that represents traditional recipes with modernist presentation.

If you’re after something familiar, the usual suspects, like Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, and Rogan Josh curries, are all available — but there’s plenty more for your tastebuds to explore. Dive into the smokey taste of charcoaled meats and indulge in fresh and local seafood dishes. There are also a number of vegetarian options if that is more to your liking. Top your meal off with sides like cucumber raita, mixed pickles, and (most importantly) naan breads of assorted flavours!

Indii Flavours features a wine room specifically designed for patrons to step inside and be transported to a cellar door where they are spoilt for choice. Peruse the bottles lining the walls and select whatever your heart desires to match your meal. You can also choose from an assortment of spirits or unique cocktails, or for something a little different, Indii Flavours stocks famous Indian whiskies and unique single malts imported from all corners of the globe.
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