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Mad Monkey Distillery


Waaaaay back in 2018, long before global pandemics and capacity restrictions were a thing, two monkeys were stumbling along their own crooked paths, dwelling on their dreams of bringing a slice of the Caribbean to little old South Australia. Through sheer serendipity, the two monkeys' paths crossed deep in the Barossa Valley, at an annual Australian Distiller's Conference. After bonding over their shared ideals, and comparing their varied skill sets the two Caribbean fever dreams began to manifest themselves as one...

We present to you Mad Monkey - South Australia's first dedicated rum distillery, nestled deep in the heart of Dudley Park. Using a mix of open fermentations, specialty yeasts and a little black magic, we aim to introduce our world to yours.

The pre-existing office space which accommodates our Tasting Room & Yard has been transformed into a relaxed, colourful, Tiki-inspired oasis in the heart of the industrial zone which surrounds it. Come and spend some time taking in the relaxed vibes, and take a gander at our equipment in operation. The two monkeys are almost always on site, and are happy to walk and talk you through the journey of sugar cane to the delicious beverage in your hand.

Small Eats and Dip Plates hit the spot whilst you decide on which Cocktail, Local Wine or Beer takes your fancy.
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