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Guided Walk through the ancient Olive Groves at Gilberton (Parks 7 and 8)


From $5.00

A guided stroll amongst a strange forest of gnarled, ancient olive trees and giant pines.

Find out how, when and why these olive groves were planted, and why they are nestled in-between the major ring route roads on the City's north-western corner. Discover hidden walking trails and see some of the biggest pine and eucalyptus trees in the Park Lands, dotted in-between the olives
Learn why a convicted offender was given approval to plant olives as the first and only cash crop in the Adelaide Park Lands
Discover a walking trail that replaced one of the former roads through the Park and learn about the 1960's road widening project that slashed the width of the Olive Groves

Learn about the City Council's plans to transform the Olive Groves with new facilities for visitors.


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