Adelaide Gaol - Ghost Tours & Ghost Hunts


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2 Hour Ghost Tour
Long thought to be one of the most paranormally active sites in South Australia, join us to explore this amazing heritage building.

The two-hour tour showcases our experiences from our 10 years of being the official paranormal investigators there, as well as from guests, employees and guards.

Our tour is unique, creepy and sure to leave you wanting more (or too scared to return!). Oh, and just what is this 'Lockdown' everyone is talking about on the Haunted Horizons tours? Come and find out ...

4 Hour Ghost Hunt
If you need more than a two-hour tour, then join us for one of our award-winning ghost hunts. Being the official investigators of the Gaol for over 10 years, we want to share our experiences with you and help you do some of your own investigating.

We offer two types of ghost hunts - four hours and all-night (special dates and times apply).

We showcase the Gaol with an orientation, a lockdown and then break for refreshments. After that, the Gaol is yours.

Under the watchful eye of an experienced guide, use state-of-the-art equipment for an experience that you may never forget.


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