Old Tailem Town Ghost Tours & Ghost Hunts

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

From $48
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2 Hour Ghost Tour

Join us as we explore what has been described as South Australia's most haunted town. Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village is a ghost hunter's paradise!

Will you be the one to see the shadowy figure or be touched by a presence in the old church? You wouldn't be the first, as many guests have reported experiencing such happenings before. But this may just be the start ...

With over 100 original buildings, some over 100 years old, set out on 14 streets, it is no wonder such strange occurrences are seen and felt.

4 Hour Ghost Tour and Hunt

Your evening starts with a ghost tour where you hear stories about some of the characters said to haunt Tailem Town.

Enjoy complimentary tea/coffee while viewing exclusive footage kept just for the tours. If you weren't unnerved before, you certainly will be after! Then arm yourself with state-of-the-art equipment and journey into some of the more active buildings.

A great opportunity for the paranormal enthusiast, whether a beginner or an experienced investigator, to get access to Tailem Town after dark.

Departs: most Saturdays. confirm available dates with the operator or by visiting the website

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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