Z Ward - Ghost Tours or Ghost Hunts


From $46

2hr Ghost Tour
The criminally insane ward of the old Parkside Lunatic Asylum is our venue for the most unusual, and sometimes terrifying, ghost tour. Find out why some of our past guests left so quickly and vowed never to return to Z Ward!

Tour includes, free time to explore this unique building, a guided tour and then take part in our famous (or should that be infamous) 'lockdown'. Can you spend 5mins in the dark... in a small cell... on your own? Test your nerves!

4hr Ghost Tour/Paranormal Investigation (combined)

See what still roams the corridors and cells of this once 'criminally insane' ward.

The night starts with the two-hour tour and lockdown, before going back into the darkness to see what we can find, under the watchful eye of an experienced guide with many years of paranormal research. Use our state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best chance of finding something supernatural. But ask yourself... do you really want to find something here?

2hr Ghost Tour - $44
4hr Ghost Tour/Paranormal Investigation - $80

Times vary, please check the website.


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