Kangaroo Island - 5 Day - Self-Guided

Kangaroo Island

From $2255
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The breathtaking coastal scenery and coastal forest, work in concert with Kangaroo Island’s abundance of wildlife, to create an amazing platform for walking. Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest and a third of it is protected within a national park. This unique island sanctuary has become a haven for native animals, particularly threatened and protected species. The track traverses a diverse range of landscape. Eucalypt and mallee forest and striking stretches of coastal landscape dominate the 67km purpose-built walk.

The tall limestone cliffs, reminiscent of the Otways and the massive Southern Ocean swells, contributed to at least 60 ships being wrecked on these shores. It’s also a haven for marine wildlife like whales, even the odd killer whale, seals and dolphins, so be on the lookout.


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