Adelaide Coast Park self-guided walk


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The Adelaide Coast Park self-guided walk is a 38km coastal trail located west of Adelaide’s city centre. The trail starts from Hallett Cove and follows Gulf St Vincent the entire way to North Haven/Outer Harbor Passenger Terminal.

Walk mindfully along Adelaide’s beautiful sandy coastline on an easy to walk trail. The trail passes through Adelaide’s premier beach side suburbs. With plenty of cafés, boutique shops, historic hotels and eateries to visit, you wont go hungry or thirsty. Also you can take a dip in the crystal clear water whenever you like as all the beaches are safe for swimming.

You can sample the Adelaide Coast Park trail with our 1 day self-guided package, or enjoy the full trail over 2 days.

Packages are suitable for solo walkers, couples, families and walking groups. Your walking package includes a comprehensive walking kit with interesting facts and maps, comfortable trail transfers, and your choice of accommodation over night. They can also supply you with freshly prepared or lightweight meals and snacks.

So treat yourself, de-stress and experience wellness on Adelaide’s beautiful sandy coastline.


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