Forest Bathing in Adelaide


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Experience a deeper connection with nature.

Originating in Japan, Forest Bathing or ‘Shinrin-yoku’ is a Japanese practice. Its popularity grew in the 1980’s, yet its roots go back centuries. The term ‘shinrin-yoku’ loosely translates to ‘forest bath’, meaning to connect with nature and to soak in its beneficial atmosphere.

Japan’s relationship with the natural environment is deep. It’s one of the most intimate, and harmonious relationships in the modern world. This relationship has benefited the people over many years helping reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improving their immune system.

Our nature therapy with forest bathing occurs in beautiful and quiet surrounds. These peaceful sessions will immerse you in nature with a slow mindful forest wander, and ‘invitations’ to connect with nature. The session ends with an intimate tea ceremony.

Each experience caters to small groups and locations include the Himeji Gardens and the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide’s CBD, Belair National Park, Para Wirra Conservation Park and Morialta Conservation Park. There is always carparking and bathroom facilities nearby. Other locations are possible upon request.

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service too from city hotels, Port Adelaide and the cruise ship terminal.

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