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Join a full-day sail on Brindabella, the iconic racing Maxi Yacht. Dive into her rich maritime history, learn sailing techniques, and appreciate what it takes to sail a Maxi Yacht. Brindabella is celebrated for her deep Australian Maritime History.

This adventure focuses on maximizing boat speed at every sailing angle. Fruit, snacks, and gourmet sandwiches are provided, and the bar will be open!

The day begins with a pre-sail briefing, exploring Brindabella's history and the Squadron’s heritage, followed by a discussion on the day’s sail plan. You will:

Explore Brindabella's unique construction and offshore racing rules.
Delve into her racing heritage and social impact.
Tour the vessel, learning about onboard systems and their maintenance.
Witness demonstrations of hydraulic sail trimming and winches.
Learn about maritime navigation with nautical charts and compass readings.
Discover the extensive sail wardrobe and select sails for prevailing conditions.
Take the helm under the guidance of our experienced skipper.

Embrace the sailing experience on Brindabella at your own pace. Whether you immerse yourself in every detail or simply enjoy the adventure, the choice is yours.

Warning: Sailing may be highly addictive and life-changing.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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