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Brindabella Sailing - Port Vincent Overnight Escape


From $940

Whether there is two of you or 8, Brindabella is yours for two days and one night. Departing The RSAYS (or pre arranged location) we sail for 3-4 hours to Port Vincent where we tie up to our private mooring. Head to shore on our tender to wonder this beautiful town, explore the spit on our paddleboards or kayak around the Oyster leases. You may also like to just sit back and relax on deck and watch the world go by.

Enjoy a seafood inspired dinner, drinks on deck as you watch the sunset. Wake up onboard and watch the sunrise as you enjoy breakfast on deck before a mid morning departure for home.

What an amazing way to visit and experience the magical Yorke Peninsula, price is all inclusive of food and drink including lunch day 1, dinner day 1, breakfast day 2 and Lunch Day 2 plus snacks. Drinks include our standard wines, ciders, beers & softdrinks. Menu's are built in consultation with guests prior to departure, we can accommodate any needs.

With a return sailing voyage over two days you are bound to experience Brindabella at her sailing best.


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