Historic Port Adelaide, Adelaide CBD, Mount Lofty & Hahndorf


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Your journey begins at Port Adelaide: Where History Unfolds. Step aboard and let the tales of seafarers and maritime legends envelop you.

Next, on your Historic Port Adelaide Drive visit the area's historic gems. The Old Customs House, the Lighthouse, and the National Railway Museum, all stand as silent witnesses to a rich maritime heritage.

Adelaide, known as the “City of Churches” wears its history like a sacred robe. A testament to devotion and architectural marvels.

Embark on a scenic drive to Mount Lofty, where the air changes as you ascend. Mount Lofty, cradled by ancient eucalyptus forests, offers vistas that stretch to eternity.

Next, take a quaint journey back in time to Hahndorf. Where the past dances with the present. Explore the charming shops and find a keepsake to carry home.

Your final stop—a sun-kissed vineyard. Rows of grapevines stretch toward the horizon. Here, you’ll sample the nectar of the gods—bold Shiraz, delicate Riesling, and sparkling Chardonnay.

A Farewell, but Not Goodbye. Back at the Passenger Terminal, they bid you adieu. Carry the flavours, the stories, and the magic of South Australia with you.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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