The F Factor - Adelaide food tour

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What is fritz? A Fruchoc? Find out when you join us on Adelaide food tour The F Factor! This two-hour tour is all about the fun foods we grow up eating in Adelaide and South Australia.

Discover the local meats and sweets of South Australia on this food history tour. As we detail the stories of these locally made products, you'll taste the city's best chocolate, nuts, and iced coffee, plus oddities we grow up eating in Adelaide: a frog cake and some fritz. Finally, a market lunch will be provided by a popular bakery (a meat pie/pasty etc of your choice). You’ll take away a surprise dessert plus extra goodies to continue your Adelaide food journey.
(For child bookings, iced coffee will be substituted for a flavoured milk or juice unless requested otherwise.)

These are foods most travellers normally miss. Take the time to find out about Adelaide’s unique foods, their stories and why we love them so much - from a local with international guiding experience.

Flamboyance Tours provides high-quality experiences through fun, quirky and immersive travel.

*This tour may be cancelled if there is only one booking
*This tour is recommended for children aged 10 and up


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