Monarto Lions 360


From $180.00
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Take your sense of adventure to the next level with Monarto Safari Park’s Lions 360 Experience, the only 360 degree Lion Experience in Australia!

Guaranteed to leave you in even more awe than when you entered. Get up close and personal after you walk through a tunnel and emerge within clawing range of one of Australia’s largest Lion Prides. Enjoy a jaw-dropping, absolutely safe encounter, which gives you a prey’s-eye view into the world of these awe-inspiring predators.
As well, 6 exclusive opportunities on our tour are available for passengers to bid for the opportunity to personally feed the lions (this rare opportunity is available for an additional cost of $30pp). This hair-raising and unique experience will help Monarto continue its work as a conservation charity raising awareness for this amazing species. After this unique experience we travel to Langhorne Creek to enjoy a lunch at the Winehouse Restaurant before touring back to the city.


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