Botanic Gardens Native Plant Trail


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Get ready to embark on an adventure of discovery and exploration like no other! Join us on the Botanic Gardens Native Plant Trail where you'll delve into the rich cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people.

Step into the lush Adelaide Botanic Gardens and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of native plants. Our knowledgeable Aboriginal guide will take you on an unforgettable journey of discovery as you learn about the various ways in which these plants are used in Aboriginal culture.

But that's not all - this trail is not just about plants, it's about people too. As you walk through the gardens, you'll hear stories about the social history of the Aboriginal people and gain a deeper understanding of their unique way of life.

This is not your typical tour! It's an interactive and engaging experience that will leave you with a new appreciation for the natural world and the people who have lived in harmony with it for thousands of years.

So come and join us at the Friends gate on Plane Tree drive for an approximately 1.5-hour journey through the heart of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.


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