One and All Day Sail Experience


From $219
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Come on board the STV One And All, and take the opportunity to have the same experience as thousands of sailors across the ages. Get involved in setting the sails, helm at the wheel with the Captain, climb into the bow nets, or alternatively, sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere.

We depart Port Adelaide to start our day of adventure on the water, and the action is non stop. As we travel down the Port river, discover the variety vessels and businesses in the maritime industry. While the Port river is one of our oldest water ways in Adelaide, it will give an glimpse back to the history of wetlands, and no trip down the river is without dolphins.

As we head out the breakwater to sea, sails are set, and venture into the open waters of the Gulf.

A Day Sail includes a morning tea, pack lunch, and afternoon tea. During the sail tea, coffee, chilled soft drinks and water are readily available and included with your booking.


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