Ikara-Flinders Ranges - South Australia - 5 Days


From $3350
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Discover the awe-inspiring wonders of Ikara-Flinders Ranges with Park Trek’s five-day walking tour – an immersive experience designed to enrich your soul. Immerse yourself in the soft morning light and gentle evening glow of this near-outback destination, where culture and landscape intertwine seamlessly.

The iconic trek, tailored for varying fitness levels, covers 40km over five days, offering a perfect blend of nature and culture. Traverse ranges, gorges, and valleys with just a daypack, exploring South Australia’s largest mountain range and parts of the Heysen and Mawson Trails. Encounter diverse history and flora and fauna, including iconic spots like Wilpena Pound, Mount Remarkable National Park, Flinders Ranges Way, Blinman and Alligator Gorge.

Stay in comfort at Rawnsley Park Station for four nights, where evenings become a tapestry of shared stories amid Ikara-Flinders’ breathtaking backdrop. Uncover the secrets of Adnyamathanha culture and history during a visit to Wadna. Come, join them on a journey that transcends a walk – it’s an immersion into the captivating Ikara-Flinders region.


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