Perfume Mixology Workshop


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The most fun place to discover the world of perfumery! You will learn about perfume composition and the aromatic materials used in perfumery, fragrance families and top middle and base notes. You will learn smelling techniques and tips on how to experiment, create and blend a scent that you connect with and is uniquely yours.
Whether you want to work exclusively with naturals or want to experiment with mixed media, we've got you covered. Red Rosie has a scent library of over 100 perfumery materials including essential oils, absolutes, extracts, accords and aroma molecules all categorised into fragrance families. You will leave with a 30ml bottle of eau de parfum you made yourself! And you get to name it :) We keep your formula on file so you can re-order it when you run out. Last but not least, there is a complimentary glass of South Australian sparkling wine for you to enjoy. Juice and tea and coffee facilities are also available.

Join us for a fun and hands on experience exploring all the raw materials in our scent library and design your own unique perfume (2.5 hrs)


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