Great White Winter Safari (5 Days/Nights)

Eyre Peninsula

From $2995
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In a season of spectacular sunsets, sunrises, whales, albatross, and rainbows this exciting 5-Day and 5-Night ocean adventure is perfect for people who are looking for a versatile winter date at a time when the largest mature Great White Sharks have traditionally been seen at the Neptune Islands. On this expedition, we launch the world’s only Ocean Floor Cage (for qualified SCUBA Divers). However, all guests are able to get up-close and personal with Great Whites in our Surface Cage. It is an expedition for people who are very interested in sharks and their behavior, experienced divers, adventurers, shark photographers and anyone who, like us, has a passion for these incredible creatures.

It is also a trip held in the Southern Hemispheres winter season where we might occasionally lose a day or two due to bad weather. As a result, the extended itinerary is perfect to allow for any days sitting out poorer weather by doing land-based activities or shore-based dives (eg. Cuttlefish or Leafy Sea Dragons road trips) or seeing other wildlife and local attractions. The evenings will bring opportunities to immerse within the beauty of the Neptune Islands, listening to the sounds of the seals indulging at dinner.


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