Double Adventure: Snorkel with Sea Lions and Giant Cuttlefish


From $1495

Travel to Port Lincoln on a private bus, home of the rich and the seafood capital of Australia. Our accommodation is on the Marina where we board the luxury and stable MV Calypso Star for a 90 minute ride from Lincoln Cove Marina across Boston Bay to Cape Donnington and Hopkins Island where the Sea Lions reside. We spend up to an hour in the water with these curious and playful creatures. Having them come up close and mimic your moves makes for a truly amazing experience. After lunch and getting back our land legs, we tour Lincoln National Park.

We leave picturesque Port Lincoln for Whyalla and nearby home of the Cuttlefish, the chameleons of the sea. Approximately 110,000 Giant Cuttlefish aggregated to the Point Lowly area last year and the majestic creatures will migrate to these waters again from May to July for the sole purpose of sex. It is the only place in the world where they gather in such large numbers. You will see the large bull males put on the most spectacular colourful displays to attract a female and they really must show off, with 8/10 males for every female.


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