Melrose Running Festival, walking and wellness getaway


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The Melrose Running Festival is a must do event if you love nature, running and exploring South Australia’s beautiful Flinders Ranges in a small group with like-minded people. In preparation for the run, you will be given tips on tackling the course and taken for a guided walk over the first and last section of the course.

After the race, you will experience three of the best walks in the Mt Remarkable National Park. You will walk into the majestic narrows, dodge the 'alligators' inside Alligator Gorge and walk over the ripples of ancient seabeds. On the following day, you head to Hidden Gorge to be amazed by the high cliffs and amazing colours. Spot the rare Yellow Foot Wallaby, Peregrine Falcon or maybe a flowering Spider Orchid.

Learn about the uses and health benefits of Ochre and relax with nature in a secluded section of the Park where we listen to the rippling sound of water as we soak our sore legs and smell the essence of the great outdoors. Throughout the walks, there will be regular breaks with ample opportunities for photos and to relax, listen and smell nature.

'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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