Remarkable walking and wellness adventure


From $699

Mt Remarkable National Park lives up to its name with rugged mountain ranges, dramatic gorges, steep vegetated valleys and exposed red quartzite cliffs. Your experienced bushwalk leader will take you on three of the best walks in the Park. You will summit Mt Remarkable, walk into the majestic Narrows, Alligator Gorge and Hidden Gorge. Spot the rare Yellow Foot Wallaby, Peregrine Falcon or maybe a flowering Spider Orchid.

Summitting Mt Remarkable delivers amazing views of Melrose and the surrounding area as it contours around the mountain to the summit. You are then rewarded with eight kilometres of winding downhill track back on the other side of the mountain to Melrose. Walking into the majestic Narrows is a wonderful experience as the rugged gorge surrounds you and then leads into Alligator Gorge where you will walk over the ripples of ancient seabeds.


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