Ships graveyards and Dolphin sanctuary kayaking tour


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The best way to visit the Garden Island Ships’ Graveyard is by kayak. Take a tour with Seven Senses Adventures to get the story behind the wrecks and to guide you safely around, over and on the shipwrecks.

Each tour date is selected to see the shipwrecks at low tide for the best viewing and to safely negotiate the creeks with minimal tidal movement.

The 26 vessels known to have been abandoned in the North Arm section are a varied group of steamers, sailing ships, paddle steamers, dredges, barges, pontoons and ferries. They represent a significant chapter in SA’s maritime history and provide valuable insights into Port Adelaide and its maritime past.

The Garden Island area is also a Dolphin Sanctuary, so there is a very high chance of spotting some of the 30 resident Port River Bottlenose Dolphins, or pods of the 400 transient dolphins. Your guide will take you to secluded and very peaceful creeks covered by a 10,000 year old mangrove forest, where you will see schools of fish swimming past your kayaks.

The tour duration is between 4 to 5 hours depending on kayaking skill level of the group.

There will be stops to stretch

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