Snorkel with Giant Cuttlefish


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This amazing snorkelling trip is conducted in safe and shallow waters at Point Lowly 35km north-east of Whyalla. Records estimate approximately 110,000 Giant Cuttlefish aggregated to this area last year and these majestic creatures will migrate to these waters again from May to July. It is the only place in the world where they gather in such large numbers.

You will see the large bull males which can grow up to 50 cm and weigh over 10.5 kg put on the most spectacular colour displays to try and attract a female, and they really must show off, with 8/10 males to 1 female. They are sometimes known as the "chameleons of the sea" for their ability to change colours rapidly and blend into their surroundings. 'South Aussie with Cossi’ has described this as “the premier marine attraction on the planet”. So, sign up with Seven Senses Cuttlefish Adventures and snorkel with the Giant Cuttlefish in a truly colourful way. We will wear our colourful op shop outfits over our wetsuits to be chameleons of the sea as well.

This tour is action packed to also incorporate all the top local attractions, so you will see more than cuttlefish.


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