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Wild Dolphin Swim


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Temptation Sailing invites you to swim alongside wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins are one of the Earth’s most fascinating, curious and interactive species. Our advanced eco certified Wild Dolphin Tours are hosted by our amazing team of marine biologists who will educate and assist you throughout the tour. An incredible experience you will never forget!

We offer two different swim experiences during our Wild Dolphin Tour, a Front Swim and a Back Swim. On a typical day, all swimmers should get the opportunity to try both swims, however some days swimmers may only get the opportunity to try one. Our goal is to get all swimmers to see a dolphin underwater so please know how friendly staff will do their best to make this happen.

Front Swim Experience:
Lay down and feel as if you’re a part of the dolphin pod, our Front Swim is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Back Swim Experience:
Submerge yourself in the water with our Back Swim Experience, an amazing way to view wild dolphins in their natural habitat.


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