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Air Expedition South Australia


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A hand-crafted, authentic expedition showcasing South Australia’s finest experiences—the Eyre Peninsula, Flinders Ranges & Barossa Valley.

A voyage unveiling the secrets of Australia's scenic south, this is a six-night air expedition showcasing South Australia’s premier ocean, outback, and wine regions: the Eyre Peninsula, Flinders Ranges, and Barossa Valley. Spending two days in each location, you’ll traverse iconic landscapes and interact with genuine characters and world-class guides every step of the way. Slip seamlessly behind the scenes with privileged access, and experience authentic immersion that only the most passionate locals can provide—all while travelling via sleek and stylish private aircraft.
This is an adventure for travellers wanting exploration with substance. Crossing the threshold from tourist to traveller, you’ll be welcomed to dine in local’s homes and acclaimed vineyard restaurants with VIP access, tread private beaches and go behind the scenes at working sheep stations. You'll develop a true understanding of South Australia’s hidden gems and be granted the exclusive privileges that come with The Tailor.

For more information and a detailed day by day description of this itinerary, please contact our Travel Design Team on [email protected]

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