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Expedition Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

From $5995

An authentic and immersive five day expedition delving into the heart of South Australia's iconic island ... in style

A five-day journey showcasing the very best of Kangaroo Island, this expedition combines private touring with insider perspectives and privileged access to the island's diverse landscapes, creative community, iconic wildlife, and well-established producer culture. You’ll be hosted by the finest guides in Australia and meet fascinating characters who embody Kangaroo Island's authentic, community-driven ethos — a range of resilient locals, dedicated scientists and researchers, and creative artists whose craft is intertwined with the surrounding environment.
This is a hands-on, fully immersive experience welcoming you to see beneath the surface. You’ll connect the thread from production to consumption with tastings from tailgates, at formal settings, on outdoor picnics, and in home-hosted meals. Each day will take you through different dynamics of the island with variations of geography, lifestyle, story, and character that work together to create the tapestry of this truly iconic island.

For a detailed day by day description contact our Travel Design Team at [email protected]


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