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Discover the charm of Hahndorf, a picturesque German village nestled in the serene Adelaide Hills. Immerse yourself in its unique architecture and indulge in authentic German cuisine at its quaint restaurants for an unforgettable afternoon of exploration.

Venture to Victor Harbor, sans the 'u', and experience the breathtaking beauty of Granite Island while keeping an eye out for majestic whales. Alternatively, embark on a leisurely day trip around the Fleurieu Peninsula, where you can soak up the sun at pristine beaches or explore charming coastal towns at your own pace.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore Adelaide, known as the 'city of churches', and all it has to offer. From a vibrant culinary scene to a rich tapestry of arts and history, there's something for everyone. Plus, throughout the year, Adelaide hosts an array of events and festivals that add to its cultural vibrancy.

Their tailored tours start at A$129 per person, inclusive of pickup and drop-off, a knowledgeable driver, fuel, waiting time, and GST.

Whether you have your itinerary in mind or need suggestions, we're here to create a personalised experience. Reach out to them for a quote and let them craft the perfect journey for you.


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