Clonlea Park Skate Park

Murray Road, Gawler, Barossa, South Australia, 5118
8522 9260
[email protected]


This skate facility is surrounded by a magnificent collection of massive rocks, cleverly positioned timber and tree-stumps, winding pathways, challenging stepping-stones and lovely lookouts. The pathways have been designed to cater for bike-riding toddlers, not just catering for the needs of teenagers. Adults will also appreciate the stroll and exploration of the many grottos hidden in the surrounding native vegetation and how water run-off has been cleverly designed, controlled and contained to form attractive rock-pools. While on your stroll, check out the cleverly designed, positioned and sculptured native birds and animals in the trees above the paths. The skate facility, while not the biggest in Australia, is magnificent. It is probably the best positioned; when considering the ambience provided by the surrounding North Para River and its natural environment. The skating area design has already been scored highly by discerning skaters. There are toilets, barbeques, and good parking facilities adjacent, and state of the art CCTV is in operation. There is no doubt that this area will be a magnet for visitors and a template for planners to admire when they contemplate solving their community’s needs for such a facility for their youth.





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