Luhrs Cottage Museum

407 Light Pass Road, Light Pass, Barossa, South Australia, 5355
0404 378 672
0417 859 205
[email protected]


Luhrs Cottage was built of pug and straw in circa 1846 by J H Luhrs the first Lutheran school teacher in Lights Pass.
In the small 4 roomed cottage which was home to J Luhrs his wife Rosina and 5 children you will find a wide range of items that tells the tale of how the early Barossa settlers lived, the bedrooms have a display of early German clothing, children’s toys, while the front room exhibits the Luhrs family photos, homeopathic items and religious paintings. The kitchen has an interesting array of kitchenware, the small fireplace was used for daily cooking and heating water for the weekly bath.
Out the back you will find the ‘Schoolroom’ which in fact was never a school room but a kitchen built 23 years after the original building, the large bake oven was used to bake bread and cakes for the family. The old kitchen now holds a large mixture of early German teaching boards, exercise books, baptism and confirmation certificates. The Cellar was used to store preserves, meat, butter and other perishable foods.
Finally take a walk to see the ‘outhouse’ or long drop toilet, the smokehouse that was used to smoke meat and German sausages, in the machinery shed you will find an original German Wagon and locally made agricultural machinery and tools.



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