Kombi Camping


From $220.00
Kombi camping is our family owned Volkswagen Kombi hire business, our passion started back in 2007 when our first kombi was purchased, a 1966 Split Window kombi. This started an addiction which has led us to many more in the
future. Gilbert is our first of many that we are going to be hiring out to the public to enjoy a bit of the Volkswagen lifestyle and experience the joy that comes with driving a Volkswagen Kombi. Gilbert - our 1978 Volkswagen Kombi is a camping experience that you will never forget. Gilbert provides an experience that will exceed any camping trip you have had to date. Gilbert is equipped with everything essential for the perfect camping trip. We ensure the most relaxing trip by a super easy set up that anyone can complete to provide maximum time soaking up the incredible locations that Gilbert will take you too.


Family Friendly


From $220.00 to $220.00
In this price, all bedding and camping equipment is supplied.


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