Hampton Township Ruins

06 Nov 2019 - 06 Nov 2020
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This was an English style township, a private township named after an assayer at the Smelting Works, Edward Hampton. It contained 30 simple miners' cottages and a Bible Christian Chapel. Much of the stone quarried there was used in many of Burra's fine old buildings. The township was abandoned finally in 1960.

Hampton is situated just north-east of the Redruth Gaol, on a hill, overlooking the mine area and its other townships. Accessed via the Burra Heritage Passport.

Entrance to Hampton is included in the Burra Heritage Passport available from the Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre, 2 Market Square, Burra. Access is available with your Passport key during daylight hours when using the Burra Heritage Passport.



From $ 5 to $ 25


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