Police Lockup And Stables

Clare Valley

Built in 1847, pre-dating Redruth Gaol, this fine complex consists of police station, stables, lockup and police residence.

The Burra Police Lockup was built because of the influx of population and the number of hotels in the town during Burra's mining boom. The cobblestone courtyard reputedly faces towards London.

In 1851, the police force in Burra comprised six men.

Entrance to the Police Lockup and Stables is included in the Burra Heritage Passport available from the Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre, 2 Market Square, Burra. Access is with your Passport key during daylight hours when using the Burra Heritage Passport.

<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


Public Toilet


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