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Yeldulknie Weir & Reservoir



The Yeldulknie Weir is a historical and beautiful area with picnic tables, gazebos, toilets, barbecue facilities, campfires and walking trails.

There is a walking track which winds through farmland, native plantings and historical sites of significance. It is a peaceful spot which you will usually only share with abundant wildlife and birdlife. Overnight camping is permitted for campervans, with a donation box.

The weir and reservoir were completed in 1912; it supplied water to the districts of Arno Bay and Cowell but not Cleve. The restored wheelhouse is state heritage listed, and is open for public viewing of the blueprints. The maintenance and management of the park is all done by local volunteers of the Cleve Lions Club. It is handy to the Cleve Township just five kilometres along the Birdseye Highway.