Baird Bay Experience

Eyre Peninsula

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Baird Bay Experience offers the opportunity to swim with both bottlenose dolphins and Australian sea lions on the one tour.

Jump aboard our expedition boat for a half-day adventure within the safe and shallow waters of Baird Bay. We begin with a short cruise to Jones Island, the natural home and habitat of our sea lion friends; and don’t be surprised to see some local pelicans leading the way. As we moor in chest-deep water, the sealions will come to us, in their time, on their terms. We do not feed them, but simply join their aquatic playtime in the calm and protected rockpools surrounding their home. We then venture to another nearby rockpool to experience ultimate tranquility, swimming alongside friendly dolphins.

Embarking on a wild interactive tour of the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula gives you the opportunity to interact with some of the most intelligent marine mammals on earth, in their home, at their invitation. Small intimate groups, of no more than 14 passengers, mean you get to swim with these wild ocean animals without clusters of people around you, ensuring you get one on one time with these incredible animals.

It’s an experience unlike any other suitable for children to Grandparents, everyone will love it!

Wetsuits, snorkels and masks provided. In-water assistance is available as required.


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