Skippered Private Boat Tours 3 hour

Eyre Peninsula

From $2250
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They are very excited to bring a new boating experience to Coffin Bay.

For those discerning customers who have an idea of their own for a private gathering on a new purpose built boat to relax with friends or family for those special occasions, they look forward to talking with you and hearing your ideas.

They can offer skippered private tours for 3 hours boat hire only for their minimum price of $1500.00. If you would like to talk with them about options for catering please contact them to discuss further via their email [email protected].

The boat will have a maximum number of passengers it can carry at any one time. You will have all the comforts of fully enclosed vessel to keep out the cold weather but on perfect days the option of having a very open feel to enjoy. With an all important toilet on board. Fridges and esky to keep the important party items chilled for your indulgence.


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