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The truly good things in life are a convergence of influences that cannot be replicated, but rather should be savoured, cherished, and shared. Such is the Star of Greece at Port Willunga.

Humble in appearance it may be, but this is a restaurant that doesn't rely on grand architecture or pretension in terms of what it offers.

The stunning turquoise waters of Gulf St Vincent, the beach and cliffs, the seascapes that change with the seasons, and the history of a Star of Greece shipwreck belong to all who visit.

Fresh offerings from the sea and local produce are presented with a visual flair that excite without being a substitute for the essence of exceptionally good food is what the Star of Greece is all about. The wines on offer complement the food, the location and the occasion.

The Star of Greece is a jewel on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


  • Licensing

    No, we are fully licensed

  • Cuisine type

    Modern Australian