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Munga-Thirri - Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve

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Located within the driest region of the Australian continent, the Munga-Thirri-Simpson Desert Conservation Park is in the centre of the Simpson Desert, one of the world's best examples of parallel dunal desert.

The Simpson Desert consisting of sand dunes that stretch over hundreds of kilometres lies across the corners of three States - South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Explore the sheer magnitude of the landscape and the ever-changing environment by four-wheel driving among the red dunes, salt-crusted lakes, vast stretches of grasslands, dense scrubland and environs. After the rains the wildflowers bloom across the sand dunes.

The Simpson Desert Regional Reserve, just outside the park, features a wide variety of desert wildlife preserved in a landscape of varied dune systems, extensive playa lakes, spinifex grasslands and acacia woodlands. The reserve links the Simpson Desert Conservation Park to Witjira National Park.

As of 16 March 2014 vehicles are required to have high visibility safety flags attached to the front of the vehicle. A Desert Parks Pass must be purchased prior to entry into the park, refer to website for information.


From $ 171.00 to $ 171.00
A Desert Parks Pass is mandatory for travel within the Munga-Thirri - Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve


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