Yura Udnyu Aboriginal Cultural Walk

Flinders Ranges and Outback

From $45

The Yura Udnyu walking tour (“Yura” being the name for Adnyamathanha people and “udnyu” meaning white) to Old Wilpena Station and the Ikara monument, covers the intertwining histories of Aboriginal and European cultures. Learn about the diversity of the land, native animals, native bush-tucker, and uncover the rich history and mystique of ancient and contemporary Aboriginal culture. Walk along Wilpena Creek past magnificent river red gums with stunning views of Wilpena Pound in the distance.

Walk along Wilpena Creek past magnificent stands of river red gums with stunning views of the Pound wall in the distance. As you pass through the station gate you will step back 150 years to the early days of the pastoral runs. Explore a world of improvisation, dogged self-sufficiency and a powerful instinct for survival. Learn how the land changed with European settlement and how present day pastoralists and park managers are dealing with those changes.

Operates: Daily, on demand from the Wilpena Pound Resort Visitors Centre.


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