Opal Mining 101

Flinders Ranges and Outback

From $50

Discover Australia's ancient inland seabed and Andamooka's famous opalised fossils. Explore different types of minerals, stones, and gems, learn about the formation of opal, what to look for and how to get started on your own opal mining claim. Noodle for opal and fossils in a relaxed setting talking opal lore and local history. Enjoy the moonscape views of the Andamooka opal fields with a visit to our underground opal mine and let your mind marvel at intracarved sculptures at Cal the Stoner's open-air studio.

Opal Mining 101 is customised to your specific interests and timeframe. It is a fully guided tour that includes walking and an escorted drive into the Andamooka Opal Fields.


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