King George Beach

King Georges Road, Middle River, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 5223
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The main King George Beach is located at the river mouth. It is a 220 m long white sand beach, backed by a 100 m wide foredune and farm land, with the river draining across the eastern end of the beach. The beach receives waves averaging about 1 m which maintain a 50 m to occasionally 100 m wide bar, usually with a rip against the eastern rocks. Jagged rock platforms and backing cliffs border the beach.

The only beach suitable for swimming is the main King George River mouth beach, but this is surrounded by private farmland with no public access. All the other beaches are dominated by rocks and reefs.

Good fishing spots abound along this rocky-reefy shoreline.

The best place to see an example of a cobble-boulder beach is at the King George Beach access point. This location also provides good access to rocky fishing locations.



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