Western River Cove Beach

Kangaroo Island

Western River Cove is one of the nicer beaches on the entire island, and well worth the winding drive out to the coast.

The 200 m wide, north facing cove is accessible by car, with a car park and picnic area located behind the beach. A foot bridge crosses the creek to the backing dunes and a track runs along the western rocks to the point.

The cove contains two beaches. The main beach is a 160 m long, north facing sand beach, backed by dunes extending 150 m inland over the valley flats. The small river flows down the eastern side of the beach, while the beach itself is moderately steep, with a narrow continuous bar.

Boats moor in the cove at times and use the beach to land their dinghies. On the eastern side of the cove is a 50 m long boulder beach, bordered and fronted by rock platforms and bedrock reefs.

Good fishing off the rocks around all three beaches.

Well worth visiting for a picnic, a swim or to fish.


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