Cape Buffon Walking Trail

Limestone Coast

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Cape Buffon Walking Trail is a two and a half kilometre loop walk, located near Southend. The walk is easy and highlights how the forces of wind and waves have shaped the limestone cliffs, sea stacks, reef platforms and vegetation along the coast. A variety of plant life can be seen, many
displaying colourful flowers in season.

Interpretive signs along the trail illustrate some of the interesting features to be seen.

Cape Buffon shows the effect of wind and water on layers of soft rock under harder rock with
undercut cliffs and eroding edges. Notice the casts of plant roots along the cliff face.

Sand held in place by plants overlies much of the limestone on the northern side of Cape Buffon. Disturbance to the vegetation causes blow-outs and sand dunes to form.

Please remember to stay on the trail as the coastal cliffs may be undercut and could collapse.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


Pet Friendly - Enquire
Picnic Area
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