Coonawarra Railway Siding

Limestone Coast

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Arguably one of the most recognisable landmarks in the wine world, the Coonawarra Railway Siding is has become one of the most photographed sites in South Australia!

Located on the outskirts of the Coonawarra township, no trip to Coonawarra is complete without a happy snap at the iconic landmark.

The railway platform, or Siding as it is known, played a significant role during Coonawarra's early settlement.

The railway track was built by John Riddoch in 1898, allowing Coonawarra's premium fruits and wines to be transported around the nation and across the seas to Europe and beyond.

While the rattle of train carriages is no longer heard along the rusty tracks, the rail line has since been converted to a bike trail (opened in November 2022), suitable for walkers, cyclists, scooter riders, runners and joggers alike to hit the 19km long sealed pavement along the winery route to take in the stunning viticultural scenery along the way.

Stop in and visit this historical landmark that was the catalyst for the Coonawarra region to flourish as a great farming and wine district.


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