Germein Reserve

Limestone Coast

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Germein Reserve is a diverse and unique remnant of the natural environment, in a region where over 95% of native vegetation has been cleared and most wetlands drained.

Walk along the boardwalk through native flora, wetland areas and natural regeneration and you will see an array of native flora and fauna unique to this region. Enjoy the network of 5 easy walking trails ranging from 750 metres to 1250 metres, including the wheelchair friendly path from Lions Park to Frog Pond Walk junction.

Lookout for Ringtail possums, Swamp Wallaby and Echidnas, and if you are lucky you might sight the secretive Swamp Antechinus which dwells in thick swamp habitat. Listen for some of the resident frog species including the Brown Striped Marsh Frog ("weep-eep-eep") or the Spotted Grass Frog ("firk.... frik"). Tiger snakes and Swamp Skink are sometimes seen sunning themselves on a warm day.

Birds are abundant in the reserve; Wrens, Honeyeaters, Crested Shrike Tit, Swans, Ducks, Sandpipers, Ibis, Royal Spoonbill and the endangered Orange Bellied Parrot.

Trail heads are at Dingley Dell, Clarke Park & Lions Park. The 55ha reserve was established in 1978, expanded in 1995 and is maintained by Port MacDonnell Landcare Group and community volunteers.


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'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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