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Historical Kangaroo Inn Ruins

Limestone Coast

The Kangaroo Inn, on the road from Mount Gambier to Guichen Bay (Robe Town) and also connected by a rough track to Penola, was built of local limestone. The spacing of the cookhouse purlins indicate a shingle roof originally. With the help of Gillap Station manager, Keith Taylor, Kangaroo Inn Area School teachers and students rediscovered and restored a lined well.

The inn would have been used by general travellers, surveyors, station people, drovers and bullockies and Guichen Bay police journals record the inn as being one of the overnight stops for mounted constables escorting prisoners to the District Court sessions in Mount Gambier. The diary of William Milne, Commissioner of Public Works, edited by Peter Rymill, remarks on the ‘good dinner served in excellent style’ at the inn, ‘with coffee afterwards’, when Milne, Goyder, the Surveyor General, and Hanson, together with their unnamed driver, were on a tour of inspection of the South East. There is mention of John McDonald and his ‘pleasant looking wife’ (Ann).

Chinese goldseekers at the tail end of the landings at Robe are likely to have passed by in 1862 and 1863.
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