Lake Frome Conservation Park

Millicent Road, Beachport, Limestone Coast, South Australia, 5280
Open now
8735 8029
[email protected]


Lake Frome Conservation Park, proclaimed in 2002, conserves 1091 hectares of valuable wetland habitat. The area consists of rare and threatened plant associations such as Common spike-rush, Cutting Grass, Dryland Tea-tree and Silky Tea-tree.
Water entering the park comes from a system of drains that pond and then makes its way out to sea throught the Southend Outlet. As this area holds water seasonally, it caters for an outstanding array of birds including serveral of international significance.
When shallow water covers the lakes basin, wetland birds are abundant. When dry, reed-warblers are seen flitting from reed bed to reed bed and the rare Southern Emu-wrens may be spotted.
Access to the car park in Lake Frome Conservation Park can be gained from the Prnces Hightway, between Rendelsham and the Southend turnoff.
A walking trail takes visitor to the bird hide.





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