Outback roads

Robe Historic Cemetery



Recognised as having national heritage significance, Robe's cemetery reflects the area's rich and diverse history. The cemetery contains the graves of pioneering pastoralists, men and women drowned at sea, and emigrant settlers from across the world who came to Australia to make new lives. Among them are people associated with prominent figures such as the Lea family, famous as the manufacturers of Lea and Perrin Worcestershire Sauce; South Australian Police Commissioner Alexander Tolmer, who led the gold escorts that saved the colony's economy during the Victorian goldrush; and Melbourne businessman and philanthropist, Sir John Grice, who cut his business teeth at Robe, managing the local shipping house.

Visitors can explore some of these fascinating stories through a dedicated website and a smart-phone app created by the Robe History Group, working in conjunction with the community as part of a project called Tombstone Tourists. To find out more and download the app, visit https://robewalk.com/





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