Valley Lake/Ketla Malpi

Limestone Coast

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Drive down into the Crater Lakes to experience the Valley Lake/Ketla Malpi area and take a walk through the Conservation Park (no dogs/pets please). Children will love the Adventure Playground. Bring a picnic or use the free BBQs onsite. The expanse of grassed areas caters for many family activities and water sports on the lake. You can also give disc golf a go at the Crater Lakes Disc Golf Course (be sure to collect the Disc Golf packs at the Visitor Centre beforehand).

The Conservation Park presents native flora and fauna in an environment very similar to that which would have originally been found in the area. Please tread lightly in this area and leave no trace. (no dogs/pets please).

The area is serviced by a network of walking tracks, all of which lead to lookouts, providing excellent viewing and photographic opportunities.

Walks include:
Blue Lake/Warwar Circuit - 3.6 kilometres, time one hour, grade easy;
Leg of Mutton Lake/Yatton Loo - 1.6 kilometres, time 45 minutes, grade easy;
Mountain Trail - 4.2 kilometres, time 1-2 hours, grade moderate;
Pepperpot Trail - 1.7 kilometres, time 1 hour, grade easy.
Three short walks are Blue Gum, Brownes Lake/Kroweratwari and The Oaks.


Coach Parking
Picnic Area
Public Toilet




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