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Mount Gambier

Limestone Coast

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Mount Gambier, the heart of the Limestone Coast and second largest town in South Australia is surrounded by world-class geological wonders. Perfectly placed between Adelaide and Melbourne, Mount Gambier is a regional city that is the perfect basecamp for all the adventures and exploration in the immediate area.

From prehistoric cave systems, to sinkholes, waterholes, world-class diving, and the incredible craters and dormant volcanoes that this town is built on.

The enchanting Blue Lake/Warwar which turns a stunning vibrant blue in the summer, and a moody deep blue in winter, is a must-see. It has a rich geological history and an abundance of walking tracks around the Blue Lake/Warwar and Crater Lakes area, accessible all year around. A myriad of sinkholes such as Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul, Cave Garden/Thugi, Engelbrecht Cave, Hells Hole, Caroline Sinkhole, The Little Blue and Kilsby Sinkhole are all different in that some are sunken botanical gardens and some are filled with the clearest blue waters. Whether you’re looking to explore beneath the surface or prefer to take it in from above, there are plenty of ways to experience these fascinating formations.

The Crater Lakes area is the perfect place to explore the Valley Lake Conservation Park, hike through the natural setting on the many walking trails, play in the disc golf park, or enjoy family time in the dedicated picnic areas. Walk up to the Centenary Tower for a panoramic view overlooking the surrounding landscapes, Mount Schank and out to southern coast.

Wander the City Centre and take the City Heritage Walk to discover an impressive array of historic buildings. There is an abundance of cafes, coffee houses and restaurants to enjoy whilst you stay with us. And plenty of places for you to pick up fishing bait, surf wax, hiking socks, camera accessories and everything else you will need to make the most of our beautiful environment.

You will fall in love with Mount Gambier, the town, the locals and the incredible natural landscape that you will not find anywhere else in the world.


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